David Mazzucchelli Collection

About the Collection

David Mazzucchelli is a comic book and graphic novel artist and writer known for both his work on Daredevil at Marvel and Batman: Year One at DC Comics and his influential graphic novels. From 1991-1993 he published his independent anthology Rubber Blanket, setting the stage for his and Paul Karasik's adaption of Paul Auster's City of Glass, and more importantly, his genre-defying Asterios Polyp. Mazzucchelli is a faculty member in SVA's BFA Cartooning Department. The David Mazzucchelli Collection consists of books, periodicals, and a complete run of Urban Outfitters' alternative magazine, Slant (1995-1997).

Illustration bisected diagonally; top half has a black-and-white Batman, and bottom half is red with yellow title text. DC Comics. "Batman Year One" book. 2005.
Teal, white and red illustration of a man drawing a map, illuminated by a projector. Arrache Coeur. "Discovering America" book. 1996.
Yellow and black illustration against brown background of a male figure with an x-ed out head; he is surrounded by scientific objects like globes and protractors. Editions Cornelius. "La Géométrie de L'Obsession" book. 1997.
Primarily yellow illustration of a man opening his mouth and sticking out his tongue against a teal background. Editions Cornelius. "La Soif" book. 1997.
A geometric graphic of a brown long haired person wearing a black hat against a pink background. Title text appears on hat in white. Coconino Press. "Phobia" book. 2003.
Green, blue and brown illustration of a man in a suit walking towards the viewer; a large planet or asteroid looms behind him. Rubber Blanket Press. "Rubber Blanket, no. 1." 1991.
Yellow, black, blue and red graphic of a man casting a long shadow and looking at a sign that reads "YOU ARE HERE." Rubber Blanket Press. "Rubber Blanket, no. 2." 1992.
Colorful boxes of text surrounding a black and white illustration of a little boy looking at a man laying down. Rubber Blanket Press. "Rubber Blanket, no. 3." 1993.
Orange and yellow illustration of two sumo wrestlers fighting against a deep purple background. Urban Outfitters. "Slant, no. 9" periodical. 1997.